Race to the Moon 2021

Non Members of Golf4All:
Individuele deelname 89€ – Individual participation 89€ – Participation individuelle 89€

Free membership Golf4All “VGC Virtual Golf Club”

Members Golf4All “VGC Virtual Golf Club”
Individuele deelname 65€ – Individual participation 65€ – Participation individuelle 65€

Save money, by paying upfront for 2, 3 or 4 events. Example when you buy an “Eagle” package you can choose 4 competions, for additional competitions you pay only 40€ once you have eagle status. So get the “eagle” status and play the Race to the Moon competitions for only 40€.

When you go for a ‘par’ because you might want to checkout the ‘atmosphere” a few times you still can buy an ‘eagle package” is there are still 4 events on the calendar and you can participate in all of them.

Leden van Golf4All “VGC Virtual Golf Club”
40€ (4 prepaid tickets 160€) Eagle Package additional/bijkomende events 40€

45€ (3 prepaid tickets 135€) Birdie Package additional/bijkomende events 45€

50€ (2 prepaid tickets 100€) Par Package additional/bijkomende events 50€

Lunchpakket is voorzien voor alle deelnemers.
Lunchpakket is foreseen for all participants.
Panier lunc est fourni à tous les participants.
Corporate package ? Your brand associated with the whole competition or individual competition plse contact us via mail on